Types of chords

These are the various types of the chord: 

Twisted Rope 

It’s made up of three strands, each made up of multiple fibers that are twisted together continuously. It is sometimes referred to as ‘Laid Rope’. It usually comes in a bright yellow making to make it easily visible and it floats in water. However, it kinks up easily and is not easy to knot 

Climbing ropes 

These ropes are designed for climbing They have a Kernmantle design which means they are super tough because yarns are encl0osed in a woven exterior sheath. They are designed to be stretchy mostly when lifting heavy loads which is important in that during climbing if a climber abruptly halts, the stretch prevents spine injury. 

Ski rope 

It is usually made of polyester which makes it to be versatile and therefore be used for all sorts of things .it does not lose strength when placed in water but it becomes slippery.  

Parachute cord 

Kernmantle construction and the use of nyl0n makes it resistant to abrasion. It is very strong and can, therefore, be used for many other jobs apart from being a paracord. 

Bungee cord  

It is lightweight, stretchy, and usually comes complete with plastic coated wire hooks at the ends enabling it to be used to lash types of equipment to roof racks of a vehicle. Overstretching this chord will cause it to snap back and most probably find your face. 

Sisal rope 

Is made from the fibers of the Agavesisalana plant. It can be coated with tar, tar treatment, which makes it resistant to seawater and it retains much of its tensile strength over time compared to untreated sisal. However, if you not careful while using it, it might end up cutting your hand. 

Choir rope 

It is not damaged by seawater even though it is made from natural fiber. It floats on water and can, therefore, be used for fishing. 

Guy line cords 

These types of ropes can be used to make lanyards for items like flashlights and multi tools. It is however not very strong. 

Baling twine  

Is a synthetic twine that is relatively small in diameter.it has a breaking strength of about 350 pounds? Its biggest benefit is its affordability 

Double braided nylon rope 

The inner core of the rope is braided then covered with an outer sheath of braided material resulting in its name. It is exceptionally strong, not prone to kinking, and is easy to use. Double braided ropes hold their shape instead of flattening out under pressure like the hollow core ropes. They also have more resistance to abrasion and come with a bit of stretch. 

Tow strap 

Tow straps can pull thousands of pounds and can be used to haul vehicles or boats. 

There are different types of rope out there some of which are better suited to perform different things than others  

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