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Viking arm tool safety practices and measures

Viking arm tool is a hand-held tool used for various performances such as installing doors, office and kitchen or home cabinets, decks, porches, windows, and flooring, by clamping on the items, fixing screws, and leveling them on the technician’s desired position.

It is used by most assembly technicians because of its ease of use, efficiency and convenience as it allows one to lift, press, and tighten with precision. This hand tool is considered highly valuable as it enhances productivity by reducing the number of hands needed for certain types of installation work, thereby saving lots of time and money.

With the various advantages that this hand tool bring to the work environment, it’s very important to give priority to the Viking arm tool safety measures, to ensure continued efficient productivity. Below are the main safety measures that you need to observe when using the Viking arm.

Regular cleaning

Since the Viking arm is exposed to the atmosphere, it is unpreventable for particles of dust and debris to pile over it while in use or not. Such debris and dust can cause damage over time and reduce efficiency and productivity. Therefore, cleaning the Viking arm tool regularly is essential to their proper functioning. Cleaning is considered one of the most important Viking arm tool safety measure that keeps it durable.

You can clean the Viking arm by wiping it over with a rag but in case where it is dirty, you can provide a good wash with water and soap then dry it and oil it over. Other detergents are not recommended other than soap as they may affect its efficiency.

Proper storage

When not in use, you should keep the Viking arm in a dry area, free and safe from moisture and dust reach. 


This is one of the fundamental habits you should put in place to ensure the Viking arm tool safety is well addressed. Regularly, before and during work, lubricate the shaft and moving parts to ensure friction is reduced between the moving parts. Lubrication can be done with any fine technical oil.

Safe handling while in use

Most often, safe handling of the Viking arm is ignored by users, since it is light and easy to handle using one hand. This contribute to some of the breakages and damages to the tool, which are easy to avoid with safe and careful handling of the tool. 

Therefore, careful and safe handling is an essential Viking arm tool safety measure that must be observed at all times of use. Ensure to place the Viking arm and load properly in order to prevent bending the lifting bars and/or base plates, enhancing its durability in the process.

In conclusion, we have found that the Viking arm is a very essential tool in the field of assembly, easy to use, durable and a time and money saver. With this, the Viking arm tool safety is very fundamental to guarantee its efficiency and durability, saving money and time that would be invested in replacements and repair.

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